Education ecological chain

The first public education chain in the world

The education ecological chain is an ecological platform for online education based on blockchain technology. It uses blockchain data structure to store data, and generates and updates data through distributed data.

Tamper proof storage system

It can ensure the authenticity of academic certificates by storing them in OEC database, which makes the verification more effective, safe and simple.

Intelligent contract

By embedding intelligent contracts, the educational ecological chain can complete the generation and storage of online education platform contracts, and build an intelligent transaction system for virtual economy education.

Open and transparent

Based on blockchain technology and smart contract, the education ecological chain ecosystem realizes massive cutting of ownership, tracing of circulation process, management of income and dividend, etc.

Information privacy protection

The education ecological chain ecosystem absorbs the technology of blockchain

and has the advantages of system security and tamper proof.

Education ecological chainOEC

Using the unique technical advantages of blockchain, the education ecological chain has developed an online education ecosystem. The goal is to build a global online education community chain based on blockchain technology. Education ecological chain is to develop an online education ecosystem with digital simplicity and rapid processing, which supports OEC and currency circulation of digital assets and achieves high rapidity, confidentiality and security.

Build the world's first blockchain online education ecosystem -- focus, specialty and specialization

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Eight advantages Help intensify the Platform strength

Multi function to meet the learning needs, improve learning interest!

Safe and convenient transaction

OEC uses the technology of encrypting currency "universal private key", and its corresponding income will be immediately distributed to the account of content producer.

Intelligent contract

The rewards set in the OEC agreement account book for word-of-mouth communicators are clear, direct and unalterable.

Engineering level development capability

OEC has a global technology team. Team members have unique insights and experience in the field of blockchain online education.

Composite core business logic

OEC has core business segments covering all directions, and has developed in information sharing system, multi-functional wallet, smart contract and other fields.

Point to point, one to one

Based on the block chain P2P online video interaction technology and real-time audio technology, OEC can realize the one-to-one online education with low latency for users on the platform.

De centralization

Based on the characteristics of decentralization, the benefits of OEC are no longer exclusive to the platform, and users can also enjoy the benefits of the platform.

Mining profit

OEC will reward the mining dividend amount for the specific user behavior in the system, so as to further stimulate the user activity in the system.

Transparency and justice

OEC distributed ledger technology can record the real identity of all users and all the benefits on the platform, and make it public with the consent of users.

OECbusiness model

Unique business model leads the development direction of OEC

OECsystem structure drawing

Distributed system architecture and high-performance matchmaking engine make the system highly concurrent and low latency, and easily resist all kinds of extreme risks

OECTechnological superiority

Think about what you want and what you need, and solve your problems with the best solution

Multiple safety protection structures

OEC system has the advantages of security and non tamperability. In the process of value transfer of online education information, the behavior records submitted by users can be verified by the system.

Encrypted point-to-point transmission

OEC system realizes point-to-point direct exchange through unique technology, and its core is the information interaction of decentralized agents. OEC verifies the trust of ownership through a digital signature.

Efficient asset data settlement system

OEC wallet supports users to recharge various digital currencies into their wallets. By centralization and decentralization, the security is improved and the computing power of massive data is considered.

Double level consensus public chain system

OEC provides open smart contract template, open industry contract template library and operator oriented smart contract generator, which greatly reduces the threshold and flexibility of smart contract formulation.

System operation and maintenance automation

OEC system can realize the automation of node operation and maintenance, start the services on the chain in seconds, improve efficiency and save manpower through node privatization deployment.

Perfect developer tools

The OEC background system supports the interface API of the development kit of the education ecological chain. Community certified developers can easily call various functions and resources on the chain, and successfully develop various dapps to meet the specific market conditions.

OECCooperation introduction

Professional technology and service for each customer to create exclusive top-level, mature products

Using the unique technical advantages of blockchain, the education ecological chain has developed an online education ecosystem. The goal is to build a global online education community chain based on blockchain technology.

OEC team has been committed to the research of related technologies in the field of online education, aiming to provide customers with a richer, more stable and more secure online education system platform; providing more convenient, faster and more sound services for the vision, and cooperating wholeheartedly for mutual benefit and win-win.